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Name Drop:  We would be happy to individualize each piece for your
store with a name drop.  We charge a one time set of fee of $20.00, and a
$0.10 per item name dropped.

Lapel Pins (LP):  Each lapel pin measures approximately 2" and
is attached to a coordinating 2 1/2" x 3 1/4" background card.  4.00 each
piece.  A great year-round seller!  Impulse buy...fits in a greeting card!  To
order, select shape number followed by style code, followed by style code.  
For example, the pony lapel pin would be ordered as 23-LP.

Ornaments (O):  Approximately 3" x 4".  Any dangle shape
attached to a whimsically beaded and curled wire.